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Pest Control

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At Queensland Pest Inspections control Gold Coast, we can appreciate that pests like spiders, ants, silverfish, rats and cockroaches can have negative consequences for your family’s health.

These pests can cause allergic reactions and contaminate your food. A pest free home will ensure your family stays healthy and your home stays safe.

How do you decide when you need a pest treatment?

  • Queensland Pest Inspections Gold Coast customers often pre book yearly pest treatments to make sure that their home remains pest free.
  • If you find evidence of cockroaches, spiders, ants or droppings this is a clear sign that you may need a pest control treatment. Common problem areas may include kitchens, garages and bathrooms.
  • If spiders webs are a problem or you see signs of cockroaches seeking food, this is also an indication that it's time for a pest control treatment.
  • If you hear noises in the ceiling this may indicate that you have pests in your roof void.

How to stop pests invading your home.

Ensure your home is regularly maintained and kept clean and organise regular pest treatments with Queensland Pest Inspections Gold Coast.

What our Premium Pest Treatment includes:

  • External, Internal and roof void treatment.
  • Eradicate spiders, household ants, silverfish and cockroaches.
  • Using the latest treatments, synthetic Pyrethoids, these are low odour, environmentally sound, and safe for use with both your family and pets.
  • Treatment and advice from our accredited, fully licensed and insured technicians
  • Warranty – 12months- if pests come back we will retreat your home for free!

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