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Every year termites infest 1 in 4 homes in Australia and cause damage over   $1Billion- that's more than fire and floods combined !

Most homeowners insurance does not cover this cost.Queensland Pest Inspections Gold Coast offers guaranteed protection against future termite attack and damage repairs once you have one of our termite systems installed. 

What’s involved in a termite inspection?

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 Your First Line of Defence Against Termites and Pests - Gold Coast Beenleigh to Tweed



Homes on the Gold Coast harbour many pests like spiders, ants, silverfish, rats and cockroaches and these can have negative consequences for your family’s health. These pests can cause allergic reactions and contaminate your food. A pest free home will make sure that your family stays healthy and your home stays safe.

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Red Back
Silver Fish

 Your First Line of Defence Against Termites and Pests - Gold Coast Beenleigh to Tweed



Buying a property is a major financial investment. At Queensland Pest Inspections Gold Coast we understand the time constraints of buying a property and will provide a comprehensive written report, in compliance with Australian Standards, within 24 hours.

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 Your First Line of Defence Against Termites and Pests - Gold Coast Beenleigh to Tweed

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South East Queensland has a beautiful tropical climate for us to enjoy, termites love the warm too so it is very important that you have a termite inspection performed at least once a year.

Undetected they can do untold damage to your home or commercial structure as their colonies spread. Everything from documents and furniture, woodwork, ceilings and walls can be damaged. Don’t gamble with your biggest investment – your home!

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 Your First Line of Defence Against Termites and  Pests - Gold Coast Beenleigh to Tweed

Termite bait systems

Queensland Pest Inspections - MONITORING AND BAITING SYSTEMS 

Queensland Pest Inspections Gold Coast are accredited to install and maintain Exterra, Nemesis,Sentricon and Xterm monitoring and baiting systems.

Queensland Pest Inspections Gold Coast Inspectors will discuss which system would best suit your requirements

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 Your First Line of Defence Against Termites and Pests - Gold Coast Beenleigh to Tweed

Queensland Pest Inspections - TERMITE NEST ERADICATION

If activity or nests are found we can treat using Termidor dust or foam which  the worker termites take back to the nest  aiding killing the Queen and the colony


 Your First Line of Defence Against Termites and Pests - Gold Coast Beenleigh to Tweed

Queensland Pest Inspections - RODENT CONTROL

Our homes are an ideal environment for rats and mice as they provide warmth,shelter ,food and water.

 Rodents may..

  • Spread disease to their human landlords via their urine or droppings
  • Spread sickness via parasites such as fleas and intestinal worms.
  • Cause extensive physical damage to doors, skirting boards, wiring , aircon units and ducting .

Signs of Possible Rodent Activity May Include

  • Droppings- New rodent droppings are shiny and pliable and within 2-3 days become dull and hard. Mouse droppings are 3-6mm long and have pointed ends. Rat droppings are up to 12mm long and can have blunted ends
  • Rubmarks -These are greasy smear marks and they are caused when rodents rub their fur against vertical surfaces such as walls
  • Sounds - Rats and Mice are normally heard at night and they include squeaking in the case of mice and clawing and gnawing in the case of rats.
  • Nest - A rodent nest is usually made of rags and paper and cardboard.
  • Gnawing - Rats gnaw to keep their incisors down and use wood, metal, conduit and cables in order to do this. When rats gnaw cables for instance this can expose bare wires and cause short circuits or fires.
  • Burrows - Rat burrows are normally found next to waterways and buildings.

What Queensland Pest Inspections Gold Coast Can Do for You

We will set up a system to control and eradicate rodents in and around your property and  advise how you can help reduce future problems.

  • Inspect  - We will carry out a thorough check and report on our findings
  • Bait  - We will set up rodent bait stations at various strategic locations in and around the buildings. These rodent bait stations securely hold the bait within the station which means that secondary poisoning of non- target animals are greatly reduced to almost zero.
  • Traps -  We can set up specially designed traps where baits cannot be used.
  • Tracking Powders -  Sometimes we may need to use rodent tracking powders.

What you can do to reduce the risk

  • Ensure good standards of housekeeping and hygiene
  • Reduce access to food and water
  • Ensure rubbish is removed to bins daily and lids closed securely
  • Proofing We can advise you on ways you can help to proof your home against rodent entry. This may include simple measures such as fixing mesh over holes to prevent rodent entry.


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