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Termite Protection Baiting

Termite bait systems

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Queensland Pest Inspections - MONITORING AND BAITING SYSTEMS 

Termite baiting systems capitalise on the natural behaviour of termites. As social insects, termites share their food in a process known as trophallaxis. This trait allows slow acting toxicants to be transferred through the colony. It is important that the action of the toxicant is slow enough to allow the termites to feed, travel back to their nest, and share before taking effect.

The key to this concept is the use of a system that attracts termites to a readily accessible feeding station containing a suitable bait matrix that is then carried back to the nest. In time, the slow acting toxicant will have reduced the numbers to a level that can no longer maintain the colony, which ultimately falls "sick" and dies.

Queensland Pest Inspections Gold Coast are accredited to install and maintain Exterra, Nemesis and Xterm monitoring and baiting systems.

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