1.Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports guarantee to use the most efficient and practicable Termiticides and/or Insecticides available at the time of treatment. Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports reserve the right to use their choice of registered termiticides, insecticides and rodenticides also their choice of treatment method.

2. The Termite/White Ant Inspection and any report are performed to the best of our ability. Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports will not inspect and is not responsible for inspecting concealed timbers. Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports is not responsible for the removal of furnishings, furniture, floor coverings, stored items, vegetation or insulation. It is the clients’ responsibility to remove these items because inspection will not bemade under or behind these items – termite and /or borer activity may exist in these areas.

3. Where damage is found and no live specimens discovered, a treatment will always be recommended in case of hidden activity.

4. No responsibility is accepted, or warranty implied for any timber damage that may occur as the result of past, current or future termite activity.

5. If the Client discovers new damage or activity within the free service period the Client should contact Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports as soon as possible- no later than 24 hours.

6. Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports promises to perform the agreed treatment to the best of their ability but if reinfestation occurs Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports is not responsible for any damage caused by the reinfestation of the warranted pest.

7. All warranties are null and void unless all monies have been paid.

8. Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports will supply the services and due care to perform the treatment. The Client has the responsibility of locating pipes, cables, wires and conduits. If the client has no knowledge of the services in or around the premises, Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports accepts no responsibility for, or obligation to pay for, damage that may occur.

9. Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports whilst taking the greatest of care, will not be responsible for chipped or cracked tiles or for matching drill holes to existing ground coverings.

10. Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports accepts no responsibility for concealed entry by termites through building design faults.

11. Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports cannot provide quotes on the amount of damage caused by structural pests. A licensed builder must be consulted for damaged structures.

12. The person signing for the agreed treatment, and/or for the agreed inspection and for the agreed cost must have authority and accept all the Clients responsibilities.

13. A condition of this free service warranty is that regular inspections, at least annually, are performed and that a treatment will be needed in the future to any chemical barrier.

14. Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports need to be informed of any disturbances to the treatment barrier.

15. The Free Service Period will be honoured by Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports for all true problems associated with the original quotation. continuous nuisance call backs will attract a surcharge.

16. Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports need to be advised of any allergies or other concerns regarding pets, family or staff. Any persons who are particularly sensitive or suffer from allergic reactions as a precaution should stay away from the premises for 24 hours.

17. These Terms and Conditions are the sole terms of the contract between the Client and Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports except for conditions and warranties implied by law and by chemical companies and which cannot be excluded. No other conditions, representations, warranties or promises are to be implied. These Terms and Conditions can only be modified in writing and signed on behalf of both parties – the Client and Queensland Pest Inspection and Reports.